An accomplishment of epic proportions

OK, that might be over-selling it a bit. However, it feels like a huge accomplishment.

What is it, exactly, that I’m talking about?


Sunday afternoon, I pulled together this stack of fabric.

Which I turned into this:


First four nine patches


And, I have enough strips cut out and ready to go to make nine more!

It’s all for AmandaJean’s One a Day Quilt-a-long of scrappy nine patches.

Sure, today is day 50 and I should have 50 done, so perhaps 4 doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. But, let me tell you, it took a whole lot of work to get to this point. Not only is my office finally painted, but Friday night I got all of my fabric out of boxes, organized (with a different scheme than I had at the old house), and put away. I haven’t taken pictures yet, but I’m quite pleased.

And there was a little bit more ironing (an hour or so) that I had to do, as well.

And then, finally, I could sit down on Sunday afternoon, pull out the cutting mat, and start. (And then I was reminded that I hate my current sewing machine – I’ll have to get that fixed soon. A new machine, I mean, not fixing the old one.)

So wonderful. I’m not sure the other nine will get done tonight. ‘s mom is coming to visit our house for the first time, and I really need to go to Target. That may or may not leave much time left. But no bother, there’s always Tuesday.

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