A bit of green for your Monday afternoon

Aside from the afore-mentioned crafting that I did on Sunday, it was an interesting day in other ways as well. For instance, called me up and invited me to brunch with her friend who was in town from Boston. We ate at Maria’s, as always, and, for the second time, I ate everything I ordered (that being one corn pancake with cheese, two eggs over easy, and some toast, which I didn’t finish because it was a bit overdone). Clearing my plate at a restaurant is nearly unheard of for me, and now, within three weeks, I’ve done it twice.

Then, and I went to Big Bowl for dinner. I’d never been there, and it was pretty good (not PF Chang’s, but still good). I ordered the beef and broccoli, since I haven’t had it in quite some time and very few places [that I frequent] carry it, served with Thai jasmine rice (yum!). And… I cleared my plate. Again.

What is going on?

I thought this might be a bad thing, seeing as how I’d like to fit into my pants (which have gotten tighter, not looser). So, when we got home, I finished up planting what we’d bought for our shade spots over a month ago. Then, and I went on a walk. We did the outer loop at Wood Lake Nature Center, which is 1.8 miles. Add to that the time it took us to walk there and back, and I burned … a lot of calories. So I felt better about that.

The paths are still covered in white fuzzies, which continue to float through the air in my neighborhood as well.
We didn’t see nearly as many birds on the outer loop as we did on the inner loop, but we did catch a few squirrels.

We also saw a very fat duck family hanging out, and a gigantic turtle (OK, big turtle) who was hustling his way across the path. He moved too fast for me to get a picture (seriously, the guy was trucking!).

And then I did some more ironing at home.

Hopefully I will have some decent pictures of the yard work we’ve accomplished lately, though there are some impediments to getting good pictures (like the pile of yard waste in the middle of the garden, and the fact that our yard waste container is absolutely chock-full). has volunteered to spend another Saturday at our house doing yard work, so I’m hoping to tackle the north yard, which has been relatively untouched (with the exception of my pruning some branches so we could walk beneath the trees).