You know, if I didn’t think it was too dorky (which is not a long walk from where I am), I’d totally get a “meh” shirt, especially since that is how I’ve been feeling lately. That word floated around the internet for years and I ignored it. Somehow it wormed its way into my life recently and I’ve even said it outloud a few times. Late to the party, as usual.

Yesterday, I woke up late (6:00) and thought about the prospect of going to work, and my answer was: meh. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I lay in bed trying to think of a reason to go, some project that needed me, or work that needed to be completed, and I came up blank. Didn’t even have to answer phones. So, I dragged (drug?) myself out of bed and emailed a few co-workers and my boss, saying I wasn’t feeling well. It was the truth.

It actually turned out good because the city inspector was coming to the house to check the new circuit we had installed for the washer/dryer in the basement. The time frame we were given? 12-5. Lovely. So, I stayed home, and didn’t have to take the afternoon off work. In all, the inspector arrived at about 2:30 and stayed less than 5 minutes. Everything checked out great, as expected.

I also spent almost three hours in my office, fixing the paint that had bled under the blue painter’s tape. Painstakingly detailed work (and I had to do it with two separate colors, since I now have three colors in the room – but no pictures yet, so you’ll have to take my word for it), but work that I absolutely had to do. There was no way around it, no leaving it as-is. The center stripe (where all the bleeding is) sits at 36″ from the floor, which is eye-level if I’m sitting at my desk sewing or using the computer. I wouldn’t have been able to stand staring at it all the time. Plus, it really did bleed a lot. It’s not like I was being a perfectionist. The touch-up turned out great, and now the lines look crisp and clean. But, man did that hurt my body. Not a comfortable thing to do. Watched several episodes of Monk while doing it, so not entirely unenjoyable.

This means, of course, that the shelving unit can be mounted to the wall tonight (to keep it from tipping over), and I can finally put fabric away (which means getting rid of 6 boxes that are sitting in the room presently). The paint has all cured (except for the touch-ups I did yesterday), so I can also hang stuff on the walls, and all the switch plate and outlet covers have been re-attached. All that’s left (besides the organizing and putting away of stuff) is to paint some art on the walls. I suppose that means I should make up my mind.

I also swept our driveway, which is about as exciting as it sounds. I will be so glad when the maple trees stop dropping those little helicopters, because they are impossible to sweep up. Our trees have quite a few dead branches (that are way high up, so I have yet to attack them with pruning shears), so every time it gets windy, there are little branches all over the ground. The lawn mower, of course, does not like this (but it’s not nearly as bad as the rocks in all of the gardening areas, which are constantly sneaking out of their area into the grass – says, “oh yeah, they’ll do that” – just another reason to get rid of all those rocks).

After dinner, came over, and we drove up to ‘s. We were supposed to be returning some stuff she left at our house, and picking up some extra tomato plants. Totally forgot the bag of stuff, though. Got the tomatoes. The three of us drove over to SR Harris and got lost in the warehouse of fabric for an hour or so. was the only one to find what she was looking for, unfortunately for the rest of us.

Today, my neck is still sore from the painting yesterday (I know it’s that because it’s in a different place from where my neck/shoulders are usually store/stiff). But, on a happy note, the nail polish I applied on Tuesday is still on my fingernails and has hardly chipped, which is unheard of for me. FYI, there’s a lovely turquoise-y shade that’s quite popular this year (I know because almost every brand had a version of it), and it actually looks good and flattering, and not at all juvenile. You might want to give it a shot, if you’re a nail polish-wearing sort of girl (or guy – I don’t judge).

I am feeling “meh” about the rest of the afternoon. There is a very good reason that some companies give their employees Friday afternoons off in the summer (or “beer Fridays” – it really does happen). Very good indeed. (Not that the government could ever partake in such a thing. Taxpayers and the media would be all over that in a heartbeat. However, if we were forced to take furlough, I’d have no problem using it on Friday afternoons in the summer. No news about that until the “new year,” which is July 1.)