Summer, Where Art Thou?

A familiar refrain across Minnesota these days. It’s been uncharacteristically cool. Better for mowing the lawn (except when it’s raining, which is desperately needed), but not so great for summer fun. That’s OK. It also means less chance for sunburn.

Last night, I did more pruning on my favorite tree (I think I’ve got just 1/4 of the part reachable by ladder left, and then there’s all the stuff that’s too high for my ladder to reach), and played a lot of Dr. Mario. I should have done touch-up on the paint in my office, so I can declare it “done,” but I didn’t. I also watched some CSI (I’m still not loving Lawrence Fishburn replacing the character of Gil, but I’m hoping he’ll grow on me by the end of the season); I have two months’ worth left now (instead of a whole season).

Not terribly exciting, but it could have been worse. traded cars with his dad, and tonight when I get home, he’ll be installing a new server rack in our basement. I know that has you as tickled pink as it does me.

Next time I climb up in a tree to do some pruning, I’m bringing the camera. The birds were noisy last night (noisier than usual), and a black and white Chickadee hung out with me for a while. They’re one of my favorite kinds of birds. I have yet to see the woodpecker (I’ve only heard it), but has witnessed it. I haven’t seen the hummingbird for several weeks, nor have I seen many butterflies (just the one, really) – perhaps its been too cold for butterflies?

I pronounced myself “done” with day quite early on. It’s amazing how productive I’ve been despite this.

But, I just have to say… people need to stop emailing me and then walking directly over to my cube to talk about it. It is unnecessary to do both in almost every circumstance (unless you need to send me a file and are unable to tell me what to do with it in email).