Linkfest: Local (Twin Cities)

I’ve had some local links cluttering up my bookmarks again, so I think it’s time to share….

  • Half Price Deals [link removed] (from Strib) – basically you buy one $50 gift card and get a second free (or $25, or whatever). Spas, restaurants, golf, and hotels.
  • Kingsfield Farmer’s Market [link removed] – want an alternative to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market (which is awesome, but sometimes too big to handle)? Here ya go.
  • Minnesota Gardening Forum [link removed] – get (or give) advice from locals. Not just Twin Cities – you can search for your own local board.
  • Find a pick your own farm near you [link removed] – need some fresh strawberries and you have an afternoon to spend?
  • And lastly, an interesting article on how to attract birds to your garden [link removed], on Associated Content.


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