Monday Mosaics

How about a weekend wrap-up and something for mosaic Monday (which I haven’t done in a few weeks)?

MM 6.8.2009 What I Didn't Do This Weekend
What I didn't do this weekend.

1) Homework. Yay! Still enjoying not doing homework. 2) I didn’t go on a fantastic vacation to somewhere tropical with interesting rock formations. Bummer. 3) Still no work on the 9-patch quilt-a-long. No sewing at all, in fact. But, I did get much closer. A whole row of boxes in my office has been cleared, making way for a chair to be located at my sewing desk. 4) No gardening this weekend. It rained all day Saturday (really – all day long) and was cold, and Sunday was busy (and threatening to rain). 5) I didn’t do any more research into making potstickers like I should have. Oops. 6) Also didn’t go to the gym. 7) No margaritas. 8) No laying in the hammock, because it was wet all weekend long. Blech. There’s always next weekend! (We’re not sad about the rain, really, because we needed it so badly and it made our lawn and plants so very happy. So, no complaints there.)

MM 6.8.2009 What I Did This Weekend
What I did do this weekend.

1) Set up our dining room table (not the one in the picture – that’s not our house either), and got the master bedroom in order finally. 2) Pulled out / dug out those nasty, ugly, dying bushes in front of our house. To be honest, did most of the work, but I did help a little bit. I’m so happy they’re gone (even the big, muddy holes that replaced them are so much better). 3) Went to Wood Lake Nature Center on Friday night, finally. Very pretty, though it was grey and dark outside, so I didn’t bring the camera with. I can see why bird watchers love that place, though. Tons of gorgeous birds. 4) Went to Grand Old Days on Sunday with . 5) Mowed [most of] the lawn Friday night, before the rain started. Still have a bit to do, but it’s still raining. 6) Spent an hour on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor. There were kitty paw prints (accented with litter) all over the bedroom floor. Not fun, but it looks so much better now. 7) Did I mention the rain? Because it rained. A lot. 8) In the work to get my office ready for sewing, I found a whole stack of jeans I’d saved (for a denim patchwork quilt, of course). I tried on 6 size 8s, and a 9/10, and none of them fit. Apparently in the last 5-10 years, the definition of “size 8” has changed, as have my thighs. Not fun. Also found some size 4s, and a bunch that were very cut up.

Wow, that took fewer words than it normally does for me to sum up my weekend. Maybe a picture really is worth 1,000 words!

(You should click on the pictures to go to Flickr – you’ll get links to all the original pictures and credit is given to the photographers. The only one I took is the one of the shrubs in our yard.)