It’s quite boring around here these days. I apologize. I’ve been busy with work and other stuff that doesn’t even make up a bad blog post, let alone something worth your time. For instance:

  • For the last two weeks, I’ve been having a lunch of granola and yogurt.
  • Today, I also had cantaloupe. (Did you know that word was spelled that way?)
  • I gave blood today, and it wasn’t the horror-fest I experienced in March.
  • Last night I had a massage, and it was lovely. My last one? 3 months ago. I think I’ll go back in 2 weeks, and maybe another two weeks after that (I have some saved up, you know). It might take that much, or more, to actually unknot my shoulders.
  • I’ve done a lot of ironing lately. And I’m not done yet. (But oh, the pretty fabric I’ll have when I’m done!)
  • In my spare time, I’ve been researching potsticker recipes, methods for freezing, cooking, etc. I’m still in need of a good (reputable, reliable) vegetarian one.
  • I’ve also looked at what to do with fresh from the garden tomatoes, because, as unlikely as it might be that I would ever consume a tomato, we’re growing some in our garden. And then this fall, and I will learn how to make tomato sauce with them.
  • We decided that the chest freezer that we inherited with the house doesn’t work. I mean, it works, but it never stops running, and since it’s at least 30 years old (manufactured by Sears Robuck, if you remember that long ago) and no where near energy efficient, we decided wasn’t working for us. I’m thinking craigslist, for someone who knows how to fix those things. So, the Von Hansen’s is in the freezer upstairs. Good thing we only got a small pack, and not, say, half a cow. 🙂
  • Apparently, no one that I work with knows how to insert a row or column into a table in Word. No one, that is, except me. How is that possible? And why does no one try right clicking before they ask me for help?

See? Totally boring. I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep while typing it.

Maybe I can have something good for you tomorrow, or a picture, or something. No promises, though.