Where does the time go?

And how is it Wednesday already? Of course, it didn’t seem that way yesterday. By early afternoon, I was so tired, and bored, that I was sure it must be Friday. The day seemed to go on forever. But then, staff meeting, and just like that the work day was over.

And I never blogged like I promised I would.

Well, what can I say. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

What’s going on, you ask?

Friday night, and I spent a lot of time at two different ApplianceSmarts, purchasing a washer and dryer. His dad came out to help us get the dryer back to the house (we left the washer at the store for pickup later). Saturday, while they were out picking up the washer, I did some pruning, because you know how I love me some pruning. (What’s awesome? Adult-sized people can now walk under the trees in our back yard without having to duck. Yay!) Also, I got to experience this:

Marching band practice

The junior high (I think - they were pretty small, in both stature and number!) band learning how to march!

Those pictures were taken from my front window. They actually weren’t all that bad, as long as you don’t mind listening to scales. Very cute. At one point, I was out on the sidewalk on the other side of our fence, trimming the tree back so that pedestrians would no longer scorn us, the director shouted, “We have an audience! Let’s do it right!” I’m not sure, but I may have been that audience. 🙂

Then they came back with the very heavy washer and managed to get it downstairs without anyone getting broken. I was worried, but it all worked out. Then they got to work on the water hookup and everything else that needed to happen for us to be able to do laundry in our home. At some point, came over. On her day of rest (I totally didn’t realize you meant Rest – sorry!), she helped me remove the shower doors in my bathroom, scrape caulk, install a new curved shower curtain rod, and install a new shower head. It is now seriously lovely in my bathroom (well, all except the very outdated tile that I’m ignoring), especially after I went to town on the remaining caulk and all the dirt that had accumulated. Glorious. Now if I can just pick a color scheme or a fabric for my shower curtain, I’ll be in business. I’m avoiding purchasing an over-toilet storage thingy at the moment, because I wish they weren’t so expensive ($100, minimum, even at Target).

I can’t really remember how the afternoon was spent, but I’m sure I was productive. Huh. I do know that we did a lot of laundry on Saturday and Sunday, and that it was glorious. No more Spanish television! No more sitting at the laundromat! No more quarters! (Plus, the new stuff is high efficiency, which means less energy and less detergent. The dryer’s cost of ownership is an estimated $10 a year. A year!)

Sunday morning, I got up way earlier than I would have liked and saw finish her first half-marathon. We went out to breakfast at Maria’s afterward, where I managed to eat an entire corn pancake, which is a big accomplishment for me. When I got home, instead of taking a nap, we cleaned the garage. Not the most fun choice, but it needed to be done. We only got the left side done, so there are a few more hours of work left, but we’re getting there!

I also have pictures to share of the drawer and shelves that put in for me a while back.

That's our new microwave on the top shelf, a short shelf for baking sheets (there isn't any vertical storage in the kitchen), and then a pull-out drawer for cleaning supplies. Very lovely.

Of course, everything needs to be inspected by a cat.

But the inspection was cut short, by the presence of a bird, or bug, or something else that caught his attention.

Korben, pensive

I took this photo in a rare moment of standing still (at least, when the camera is in hand, he’s always moving). Equally rare is the look on his face; usually he sports one of two looks, known as “sad eyes” and “bedroom eyes,” which I think are self-explannatory. This look, however, is one of complete disdain. I think he was disgusted that I was taking pictures (of the kitchen, no less), instead of petting him. He doesn’t like being ignored.

Things are definitely winding down for a bit on the house front. We’re tired. I have a massage scheduled for this evening, which I am quite overdue for (they called me to let me know I have 2 saved up – my last massage was march 6th!). I should probably get a haircut, too, since it’s been… four months? What’s next on the list? I don’t even know. I’m taking a very laid-back approach to this week. Case in point? I’ve slept in every day this week. On purpose. That’s what vacation hours are for, right? Half an hour here, half an hour there….

So, be assured that it’s definitely not all work and no play at our house. Sure, I spent two hours ironing last night. But, I also set up my hammock, which is very exciting. I raked up all the dead leaves (and found a spot of ground that’s actually quite pretty) , and got set up underneath my favorite tree (which, unfortunately, still needs a lot of pruning, especially if I want to make it so people can walk underneath it). Just need to find myself a good fiction book and a margarita, and I’ll be all set for the next 3 months.