Did you know it’s June?

How did that happen? Maybe we should have something sparkly with dinner to celebrate a whole month in our house.

Instead, let’s wrap up my “Spring Goals.”

  • Pack up house. Move out of house. Move into new house. Check and double-check.
  • Finish semester well. Complete all assignments. Get straight A’s. (There are serious rewards involved if I do.) Check (though to be perfectly honest and neurotic, that A- totally haunts me. I can’t help it if I’m insane.).
  • Do not freak out too much over above potential stresses. Life is an adventure, right? Must keep reminding self that. When all is said and done, both of the above are things that I really want to do, and that we’ve been planning on for quite some time. Just need to take lots of deep breaths, and write a list or two. I don’t think I freaked out that much. can verify (or dispute) this. There were some moments where I wasn’t totally calm, but all in all the move went really smoothly, as did the end of the semester.
  • Host Easter dinner. Succes = no one getting food poisoning, no injuries requiring more than a Band-aid, and no fights that end with slamming doors. I smell success. Check. No illness, no injuries, no fights. Just a good time had by all (and a very full table of friends and food – a great combination).
  • Have hammock set up by May 31st in new backyard for some quality relaxation. Oops. I totally didn’t realize I’d made this a goal until just now. This can be remedied tonight, however, so only 24 hours late.

I’m not going to rehash my yearly goals because, to be completely honest, I haven’t thought about them at all. I doubt there’s much to update on.

Do I really want to make goals for the summer? Not really (I think it gets in the way of all that relaxation I’d like to have), but I think I should. (End date: August 22nd, which is when the Fall Semester begins at Metro State.)

  • Use hammock more than last summer.
  • Go camping at least once.
  • Unpack all boxes (with the exception of the garage and storage areas).
  • Learn to make potstickers.
  • Re-establish order and purpose for the garden areas of our house (and the plant life in general).
  • Go out for margaritas with the girls at least once.
  • Utilize that gym membership. Perhaps enough to be seen in my bathing suit this year.
  • Not to get any more than one (preferably zero) bad sunburn (like I said, preferably zero, but I have very white skin and those freckles and red hair don’t help much).
  • Go to at least one garage sale.
  • Use my sewing machine a few times.
  • “Finish” my office / craft room.
  • Paint (or at the very least decide on colors – it might be too hot to contemplate painting) the master bedroom.
  • We have plans to refinish the kitchen cabinets.  This is a very, very large project. Huge, in fact. There are 37 handles and somewhere around 40 hinges, if that is any indicator. Also, we will have to agree upon a stain color. But, it really needs to be done. The last time the cabinets were given any love was when they were installed, 20+ years ago, and there is absolutely no more varnish or any sort of protective covering left. Also, it will look really good when we’re done, and we’ll have learned something. But it’s a bit daunting of a project.

I’m taking suggestions in the comments for summertime-appropriate foods to try. However, it should be noted that fruits should not really be on the list. I’m just not a fan. Sorry.

[Also, I’ll get a post up later today about my weekend. Promise.]