May Madness (aka Randomness)

Some very odd thoughts / updates for the end of May.

We visited the old hometown last night to transfer our gym membership. Turns out, we totally didn’t need to do that. But, as a bonus, we learned that we can use our membership at any of the Snap Fitness locations throughout the world, any time. Who knew?

Then we stopped over at Von Hanson’s and ordered up some meat. A whole huge hunk of it (the Cattleman’s Choice), which we will pick up on Saturday. They’ll have it all set aside for us and frozen, so now all I have to do is wipe down the deep freeze and get it ready. And then we’ll have quality meat again! Yay!

Afterwards, we walked down the parking lot to Cellars, perhaps our favorite Eagan liquor store. On several occasions we’ve bought as much of my favorite wine as they have in stock, and we get the case discount on it, even if it’s not a full case (the most we’ve gotten before is 7, I think). Well, last night, they had 13 on the shelf! So, we went home with a whole case of Hogue Late Harvest Riesling, and now I have two whole shelves in my wine cellar of it. We also got some other stuff.

Back at home, it was too windy to really do anything outdoors (and much too cold!), so instead we unpacked all of our books. Completely and totally not important unpacking, but it always feels good to get some of those boxes out of the way. Plus, now if we had an emergency guest, the bedroom in the basement is… less full of crap.

Add in some Dr. Mario, and that was my whole night.

Today, however, the weather is absolutely beautiful, so I’m thinking that the night demands yard work. Plus, our new yard waste receptacle is being delivered today, so I can at least get rid of the piles of branches and leaves and dead stuff that are spewn across our backyard.

Lastly, after having just eaten some really bad potstickers from LeeAnn Chin (they’re not usually this bad), I’ve decided that learning how to make them must happen soon. From what I’ve gleaned off the internet, it seems that potstickers are best made in large batches, so I’m thinking that it would be best to have a little party at my house where everybody helps out, and then everybody gets to take some home. They freeze well, ya know. I’ll have to think further about this, but it sounds like fun, right? Much better than having 200 potstickers in my freezer.

3 Replies to “May Madness (aka Randomness)”

  1. oh, oh, oh!! i like parties! i like potstickers! i like you!

    (really, it’s a match made in heaven)

  2. p.s. in addition to my affinity for all things involved in your post, i have some information you might find useful. another name for potstickers is gyoza. there’s even a gyoza sauce that is delish.

  3. I was hoping you’d be on board, A! What about L? I’d also like to get my sister to come over, because she really loves potstickers.

    Thanks for the additional info, too.

    More info coming soon [hopefully]….

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