Check that off the list

Last night, under a sky so grey it seemed like it would rain any minute (but it never did), we did something truly unremarkable. We drove back to our storage unit and emptied it out. Both units. Sweeped, removed the locks… done. Finito. (OK, we still have to call or drop over there before the 1st so we don’t get charged for another month, but that’s small beans.) This means that 99% of the stuff we own is now in the house or on the property somewhere (there’s a large cooler in ‘s attic, and a piano in her living room, and some bridesmaids dresses along with my wedding dress in her closet, but that’s it). Amazing, isn’t it? Our garage is proof.

Just a tad full

These were taken more than a week ago, so it's only gotten fuller.

Tonight we’re going to work on transferring our gym membership (you know, the gym membership that we haven’t used in over 2 months) closer to home.

There are, of course, some tasks that will never be finished. For instance, last night I spent about half an hour sweeping our driveway (while used Round-Up on the weeds in the cracks). And today when I get home, it will be covered in maple “helicopter” seeds again. I looked at our neighbor’s tree – easily week’s worth of seeds there. Yay. Of course, along with the seeds (which are not that easy to sweep up, I tell ya) was a whole lot of mossy stuff that falls off of our oak trees. Delightful. Just part of the life cycle. Makes me glad for the human reproductive process – despite the horror of childbirth, at least we don’t molt or lose our fingernails or… whatever parallel you can come up with for what those trees are doing.

We also watched the “Glee” premier (recorded), which was almost as fabulous as the commercials led one to believe (if one remembered that this was a television show on Fox and not a movie coming soon to theaters near you). Quite cheesy and predictable at times, and over the top with its exaggerated characters, but the music was every bit as good as the commercial. Bonus points for using that Journey song (as well as a piece from just about every musical we did in high school).

Then I learned that the next episode airs in the fall. FALL? As in… four months away? What ridiculousness. The internet seems full of people who are willing to gush all over the show and start cult followings, though, so maybe it’ll last a season or two. Halfway through the show I predicted two seasons, but by the end I cut that down to one. I just can’t see plot lines past two years, and it’s a bit too cheesy in that “Full House” or “Brady Bunch” kind of way – I could be judging society wrong, but it seems we’re a bit too jaded to really enjoy stuff like that these days.

Did I mention you can now see all of our kitchen floor? No more boxes and bins of tools in the middle of the room. It’s quite thrilling. Of course, we have piles of boxes everywhere else, but let’s not rush things. We’re still feeling the space out. And, of course, cleaning the space, improving the space, painting the space…. You can see why that box I had labeled “Kelly’s [Extra] Socks” wasn’t a big priority to unpack.