Today, I’m thankful for…

… our new home! I realize that I haven’t done a “thankful” post since before we moved, so let me just go ahead and say that each and every day, I’m thankful for our beautiful home.

… all of the help our friends and family have given, and continue to give, as we get settled. Those who helped move boxes, who’ve offered to help paint, who cleaned mouse poop off kitchen shelves, who help us pick up large appliances, etc. Owning a 50+ year home is definitely something that requires lots of help and/or expertise.

… everyone who continues to ask to see pictures, because I am still that excited to share them.

… the DQ cake that is sitting in our freezer. asked his dad to get it for his birthday, and he did! We can enjoy that thing for months!

… the grass is growing! I wish I had a picture to share with you, but you’ll just have to take my word for now.

… a positive job review at work. Always nice to be appreciated.

… that stop we made at Rainbow Foods over a week ago, because they had my very special creamer, and I’ve been enjoying it every day since (because Coborn’s doesn’t carry it, boo hoo!).

… the book I’m reading, Finishing Touches by Deanna Kizis, because it is wonderful and fun and makes me want to cry. Great “chick lit.” I started it Monday night (had to open several boxes just to find a new fiction book), and I have less than 20 pages left (which will not get me through the bus ride home, but oh well). What will I read next?

… sandals weather.

… working A/C in our house (we turned it on last night for a bit, just to test it out).

… Zyrtec-D, which gets rid of sinus headaches quickly.

… two hours spent last Saturday with baby sleeping in my arms.

… how much a few coats of paint completely transforms a room. It feels clean, fresh, and mine.

… a husband who doesn’t care that we have boxes all over the house that need to be unpacked, and doesn’t feel pressure to do so. It’s nice to be relaxed about that, because I don’t really care either.

… more friends joining Facebook, because it’s the best way I know of to keep in touch with those who have small babies (which is a startlingly large percentage of my friends – I guess I’m “that age”).

… [link removed], and the fact that the pollen count for today is much lower (we’re down to “medium”). It’s nice to know in advance which days I should take the Zyrtec-D instead of the regular Zyrtec.

… plans for the evening that don’t include painting but do include getting together with .

… my bed, because each and every night I’m so tired and it is just so comfy. One of these days, I’ll get my morning routine a bit more streamlined (or wake up just a bit earlier) and start making the bed again.

‘s help painting last night (I don’t know how I would have finished if he didn’t help roller those two walls), the elbow brace that got me through, and the Advil and ice pack that helped me recover.

… 56.5 (7 days) vacation hours and 298 (7.5 weeks) sick hours saved up.

… our garbage provider, for picking up the broken washer we put out Tuesday night that seriously had concrete inside (to “balance” the tumbler, we think) – it was crazy heavy! $40 well spent.

… that I didn’t run over the lawn today while leaving the house. Practice, practice, practice.

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