Weekly Word Challenge

The words this week were K and Metal. I ran short of time, so I only have this one photo to share, but thankfully it represents both.

This is a pipe I found in the basement of our new house. The joint there (or whatever it's called) has a randomly etched K in it (tilt your head sideways and you can see it better). It made me happy.

4 Replies to “Weekly Word Challenge”

  1. You have to have good eyes to see that key. For me, the WWC letters have been the most difficult to do. Nice catch to get them both in one shot.

  2. I love when one shot can incorporate both “words”. Great job! Did you sketch in that K or was it there? I always wonder about the back stories of random things like that. The fench on the side of our house has a tiny spraypaint mark that almost looks like art. I wonder who did it and what it means.

  3. The K was already on that pipe when I found it, just… randomly. I’m guessing it is associated with the manufacturer, but I’ll never know, now that it’s covered in several layers of paint. Still a fun little piece of our house.

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