It’s not all coming up roses

If it were, we’d be concerned, since we have not planted (nor found) any rose bushes.

Tuesday night we drove out to ‘s grandma’s house to buy some plants for our house, which is in need of a lot of green love. She had some great plants that will either spread on their own (like ground covers) or can be split in coming years to spread out some more (like hostas).

Groundcover and a hosta


Hostas and the pepper plants we wintered

We have no idea where we’re actually going to put them. Our yard and garden areas are in need of love, as I’ve mentioned, and also some planning. Or at least thought. We just bought stuff we liked, or thought we might need (I was all over the ground cover, since so much of the potential garden areas are covered with rock instead of mulch, and also because the ground cover spreads on its own, and it doesn’t have to be mowed – everyone wins!).

Here's one area of our front yard, in particular, that could use some thought.

For size reference, you can see the fence in the background there that’s taller than I am (so probably 6′), and there’s part of the driveway showing  in the top left-hand corner of the shot that is wider than a car. So, it’s a decent-sized area. With one bush and a lot of mulch, and some twigs that we’ve been throwing in there. Weeds and grass are creeping in too.

There are many benefits of starting on this area first. It’s in the front yard (as opposed to the fenced-in back yard), so it will be visible proof to our neighbors that we’re trying to care about the yard. There are no huge piles of rocks to deal with, which could take us a great deal of time on the rest of the house. It’s small enough that we could experiment and see how the plants do before putting them elsewhere. I mean, I have Thoughts about landscaping and gardening, but I have mentioned previously that I have more of a brown thumb than a green one. In-ground gardening has always worked better for me than container gardening (the only reason so many of our potted plants are still alive is because faithfully waters them), so I’m not without hope. It’s a shady area (just to the right of the shot is a large tree), so it’s not really a flower area or vegetable area, but a green area nonetheless.

All of this means, of course, that not only am I tempted to spend my weekend on home repairs, unpacking, or baking, but now gardening as well. Sigh. Can’t there be more hours in the day?

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