More birthdays

Not only was Grandma’s birthday yesterday, Monday was ‘s dad’s birthday , and today is ‘s birthday. Whew! So, to honor these special men, let me tell you a bit about them… in pictures.

FIL, in the second hat I knit him

wedding 029
FIL and BIL at our wedding

I believe I best described this photo over in Flickr, when I said, "in this family, you have to hold your own...."

As usual, much laughter ensues when FIL is around (who was Prince Charming's best man).

wedding 044
Everyone should get to play a bit at their own wedding, don't you think?

Prince Charming liked his wedding band so much, we had to buy a second one. 🙂 Actually, the original one, which was too large, fell of and got lost for about 4 months. We replaced it immediately, but eventually found the original.

Prince Charming really doesn't like the way I take pictures of people, because I never tell him when I'm going to snap the shot. In my defense, if I told him, I'd never get shots like this one.

However, I do sometimes end up with shots like this though.

Happy birthday, you two!