In which I actually have pictures

Yesterday was my grandma’s 90th birthday!

Grandma, Christmas 2007

I called her to wish her a happy birthday, and we had a lovely conversation. She wanted to know all about the new house, and was just so excited. She’d had a great few weeks, between her surprise party on the 3rd (that we couldn’t attend, because we were moving and in no condition to take a trip to Chicago), Mother’s Day, and then her actual birthday.

Grandma and Grandpa (with Grant) at our wedding

Her phone has been ringing off the hook!

She’s so much fun. Her favorite word is “neat.” Honestly. Everything is neat. Called Grandma to tell her I was engaged. “Oh, that’s so neat. That’s just neat. Oh, oh.”

Me with Grandma and Grandpa (at our wedding)

Can’t beat that.

She’s married to my grandpa (obviously), and together, they make Christmas so much fun, if only to watch them eagerly open gifts. Seriously, if you can still get excited about a book when you’re 90+, you deserve some sort of prize.

Grandma, Christmas 2007, receiving the shawl I knit her

She’s also famous (in my small circle, at least), for wearing these:

Did you catch the awesome-ness of the ankle-length nylons? Where do you even buy those?

I’m realizing now that it looks like she’s not smiling very much in those pictures, but don’t be fooled. She smiles a lot, and is a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of gal. Hard, tough (she was a school bus driver for the Aurora School District, if that means anything to you), and a workhorse (she’s also the creator of the infamous Christmas Eve meals featuring the same menu for the last few decades, which we love, even if we do make fun of it sometimes). I’m so lucky to have her around! Grandpa turns 95 this year (I think), in June. I’ll spare you the cute stories she told me while we were on the phone.

When I came home from work, I saw that this beast:

Our old dishwasher

which had removed on Sunday night, and which was given to someone from Craigslist because they needed it, and it still works (it’s just small, and, well, ugly),

was replaced with this one:

Our new dishwasher

Ain’t she a beauty? There was some confusion with Sears about how many dishwashers we ordered and/or wanted to pay for, but in the end, just the one was delivered and had nearly finished installing it by the time I got home. It works perfectly (we ran it last night), and matches the other stainless steel appliances much better than the old one did.

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  1. Your grandparents are too cute & they look SO fabulous! Are you sure you have their ages right?! Are they your grandparents or great-grandparents?

  2. Yes, I’m sure I have their ages right (though in the above pictures they were probably 2-3 years younger). My grandpa was on the older side when they had kids, and my dad is the younger of the two of them. And my dad was a bit “older” when he had kids (at the “old age” of 26, which I surpassed nearly 5 years ago and am hardly close to birthing a child), and when you add all that up, you get 94 (or 95 – who can remember? wait, it was 1914 when he was born, so, yeah, that’s 95 in June).

    I know, they are so cute! The phone call last night was totally precious, and made me wish I was there in person.

    On a related note, Prince Charming, who is a mere 4 years younger than me, recently had his Great Grandmother pass away, who was frighteningly younger than my grandpa, at the age of 93 or 94. Their family apparently did the opposite thing mine did. There’s a picture from Christmas with all 5 generations, since some of his cousins have had babies now.

    My children have no hopes whatsoever of having living great grandparents that they’ll remember (my not-yet-conceived hypothetical children). Good thing my parents are in good health, or I’d be concerned about them not knowing their grandparents. 🙂

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