Welcome! Take off your shoes, come on in….

Let me introduce you to our house, in various semi-embarrassing stages of unpackedness. (Let me also note that outside pictures will have to be taken/posted later, because it was way too late and dark out to be doing that. Also, there are more pictures and lots more commenting over on the photoset.)

If you walk in the front door (which few have done, mostly because there are a few front doors), you’ll find yourself in the living room:

(Note that I didn't clean up at all for these pictures.) There's a place for the piano, the couch looks out the lovely bay window, and some day all that clutter will be a distant memory.

From the living room, you can go in any number of directions.

If you go down the hallway, you find the bathroom.

And my office,

(Note that I’ve finally picked a color scheme for my office, so you no longer have to hear me whine about it.)

Or, you can go to the dining room.

which is missing a table and chairs (the chairs are in the garage, the table is still at ‘s, but is otherwise lovely. We love that the wall was removed to open the space up.

From the dining room, you can enter the master bedroom, which cannot be adequately summed up by just one picture (and if you click through to Flickr, you can look at the paint options I’ve come up with, that are bound to have some editing since they haven’t been shown to yet, and I’m not the type of girl to paint the bedroom without her husband’s input – that’s just mean):

Master bedroom view 1

Master bedroom view 2
And, of course, the master bathroom.

which also cannot be summed up by just one picture (go to Flickr for the details, really).
Back out the bedroom and through the dining room, we find the kitchen.

It has a nice eat-in area (far less frequent sitting on the couch in front of the tv eating dinner),

where we can enjoy television (or look up recipes or watch movies or whatever).

Then we go downstairs (brace yourself):

Wow. It's actually not that yellow, but more green.


the basement hallway looks like this.

Just to the left is Prince Charming's office:

Then there's the basement bathroom.

featuring the toilet that Prince Charming just replaced.
And lastly down that hallway, the third bedroom.

If, at the bottom of the stairs, you turn right instead of left, you see a weird little area that leads to the family room.

Family Room View 2

And that’s it! Other than outside the house, that is, which includes the front and back yards, a deck, and a garden in need of a lot of love.

In all, we love it! I’ve come up with 4 “rooms” that I want to paint soon (master bedroom, my office, basement bathroom, and that stairway). We’ve got tons of exciting projects ahead of us, and I’m glad to have finally taken some pictures to share, especially since I now have official “before” shots. šŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks! We love it too! (Though we don’t love all the wood – it will slowly disappear, and the basement will gradually feel more like a house and less like a cabin.) We haven’t used any of the fireplaces yet, but then again it’s been pushing 90 for a few days now. Come November, they’ll be quite a treat.

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