“The wisest mind has something yet to learn.” -George Santayana, 1863-1952

Here’s the thing about moving: we began packing up our stuff last June or something crazy like that. Maybe earlier. Some of my stuff was still packed from before we got married. So really, it took us, on and off, a year to pack up our house. And less than 24 hours to move it all.

But the unpacking? Takes a whole heck of a lot of time (and energy) too. All the boxes that should be in the house are in the approximate rooms they should be in. All the garage stuff is in the garage. (Well, except for the carload or so that is still in storage – no time to do that this past weekend.) So, major progress, right? Let’s pretend I feel successful about that right now.

Since I still don’t have pictures to share (see the afore-mentioned unpacking), I’ll tell you about the non-photogenic aspects of the weekend.

There was a chunk of time spent Friday night ordering Mother’s Day gifts, birthday presents, and thank-yous (for our Realtor and mortgage guy) that was a bit exhausting. I also ordered ‘s birthday present (it’s Wednesday), though I don’t think any of the parts will arrive before Thursday. Oh well. I waited so long to order (even though I knew exactly what I was getting) because I didn’t want to deal with the confusion of a new address, and then we were busy moving and unpacking…. You get the idea.

Saturday afternoon, after came over and gave her approval of the house (and took home some rhubarb – feel free to stop by and take some more), and his dad and I went to go see Star Trek, like everyone else did. Lesson learned? We are much too old to be arriving late to popular movies and being forced to sit in the front rows. After 3 hours, my neck and shoulders killed. Plus, the sound was too loud, the picture too big… I’m starting to sound like an old lady, aren’t I.

Sunday morning, I picked up from the airport. She stopped by to see the latest updates on the house, and I offered her some rhubarb as well (really – we won’t eat it, but it’s growing quite prolifically in our backyard without any assistance from us). She declined, but told me that the weird growth thing ( knows what I’m talking about – it looked like an alien life form, or cancer, or something…) was actually a flower, and that you have to kill (that is, cut off) the flower before it actually flowers, or your rhubarb plant will stop making rhubarb. So the “flower” is now laying in the rock bed to wither away. Maybe the bunnies will eat it.

There was also a trip to the laundromat (reminder to : call the HVAC guy!) because we don’t have a washer yet, a stop into Rainbow (which is not nearly as good as Cub, but not as confusing as the last time I was in there) to get rice, and came out $50 later with food we can’t get through Coborn’s. It was kind of like the days when I didn’t have a car and did most of my grocery shopping at the co-op, and then someone nice (like ) would offer to drive me to Cub, and I’d go hog-wild over processed and boxed foods like Name Brand macaroni and cheese.

This blog is going to get very boring very soon if I don’t take pictures (and very outdated), so I promise to do that tonight. Really. The moment I get home. Thankfully, it stays light out past 8 pm these days, so there are many more daylight hours to enjoy.

Anyone want to come over and deal with the creeping charlie that’s trying to take over our “garden”? How about making our fence bunny-proof? Yeah, I didn’t think so.