Back on track

Here’s where I was going with today’s earlier post, “Still,” which was in reference to… still unpacking, still no pictures, still loving the house, not the peace, calm and quiet sort of still.

At any rate, what I was going to complain wax poetically about was fact that due to all the unpacking and house-related work, even though I promised that I would make him cookies, I haven’t done so yet. The kitchen is pretty much in working order, though I would have to move a few things to get at the mixer. I did get the fridge reorganized, thanks to , and the cabinets and pantry, so I can now breathe when I open up a cupboard.

I also really want to make granola. And try yogurt, because homemade yogurt is the current fad of the internet-food world, and I have to get on board.

I’d also like to start sewing the 9-patches for the quilt-along (especially since I was the first to sign up). Or make burp cloths for . Or a shower curtain. Or… anything, really. But, the room needs some paint before I can get organized (which has to happen before I can sew – I currently don’t actually know where the power cord for my machine is), and I still haven’t decided on paint colors (though I did complain about it a few times this weekend, I didn’t even attempt to make a decision, so I guess that’s all on me).

Now, I realize that we moved a mere… 10 days ago, and no one is expecting any baking or sewing or anything not related to unpacking or home repairs, but it sure would be nice. I sure am glad that classes are over, that there’s no more homework, and that I’m home 7 nights a week. It is glorious.