What color is that, exactly?

While browsing through my Amazon wishlist (and then Amazon gift guides, because apparently even I find myself hard to shop for right now) in an attempt to find a birthday gift idea for myself (beyond a subscription to This Old House and a bird feeder, which people apparently don’t find interesting enough, though it should be noted that last year I received three ginormous encyclopedia-like books on gardening from , and found them at least slightly amusing, and for years I keep asking my sister for kitchen products, so please, lower your standards), I came across this beauty:


I think I want to use it to finally figure out the color scheme of my office. I do best when I have inspiration like this (like the time that and I painted our apartment based on a placemat I owned). The other option is to find a can of Oops paint from Home Depot, and I’m just not feeling that right now (though the last time, that lovely yellow I painted my old bedroom, back when I was single, was just perfect). I was wanting to go blue and brown, and this little figurine is kind of blue and brown.

Now how do I translate that to a decorating scheme of a 9×11 room with two windows, one smallish closet, beech-colored woodwork, hardwood floors, a desk (with a sewing machine) and a large shelving unit full of fabric? Anyone? I am not really sure why I can’t figure this out myself. I am usually excellent at “interior design.” Really, I am. will vouch for me, having seen me in action with an enormous stack of paint samples before. I really wanted to do one of the “techniques” that Ralph Lauren Paints have, but the ones I like involve a lot of work and apparently there will be “seams” (I like the linen look, which is similar to all the other fabric-y ones), and I don’t want that. Hrm. I might just have to do… plain paint on walls. Or maybe half and half? With a chair rail? (Let’s be clear that a chair rail doesn’t mean wainscoting or bead board, nor does it mean a picture rail. Just Google those terms to get some idea of what they mean if you don’t know.) It doesn’t have to be traditional. Apartment Therapy thinks that the actual chair rail (wood) isn’t necessary [link removed], but that I could just go from one color to the other with a nice, clean tape line. I am not doing stripes.

With some birdy embellishment? ( should like that.) Some examples: birdcage [link removed], bird on a branch [link removed], bird flourish [link removed]. Also, while I was searching for those images, I found this vinyl wall decal [link removed], which is too awesome for words. I can hear reaching for his wallet now….