I don’t even know what to do with this

Rarely am I disappointed in my grades. I’m frequently disappointed in myself in my performance (since I always think papers etc could be better), but that never shows up in grades. So I clearly wasn’t prepared for this (click on the picture if you need to see it bigger):

I mean… what do I do with that? An A-? It’s seriously cramping my formerly very cool 4.0 GPA. Do I talk to the professor and ask… what, what I should have done better? Because he gave me perfects on all 3 papers, and that plus attendance (perfect), plus class participation made up the grade.


Also, does this mean I don’t get a new sewing machine? Does this mean I shouldn’t reward myself with a dressform? I’m so confused.

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  1. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to contact your professor about the unexpected grade. If you received perfect scores on two of the three metrics, it’s obvious that the prof felt that you weren’t up to par in that final one (participation). Maybe it’s just a simple grading mistake that can be corrected and they would never even know if you hadn’t brought it up to them?

    Good luck (and BTW, a 3.96 is pretty damn good IMO :))

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