We’re getting there….

Slowly but surely, the garage is getting empty. Actually, it’s happening quite quickly. I’d show you a picture, but… no camera. I would have taken one last night, but we didn’t get home until 10. We did dinner with the in-laws (the seafood buffet on Wednesday nights at Mystic Lake is great people-watching), and then stopped at some furniture stores (I’ll have to brag about the awesome deal we got later, when I can give you a picture), and then got stuck in some nasty traffic on the way home (apparently they’d decided to resurface the 35W bridge over the Minnesota River – who knew?).

Unpacking may slow down, as our bodies are breaking. My tendinitis is flaring up, my shoulder hurts from being back at work (I hope my new chair arrives soon!), and ‘s hand hurts something awful (this is after he was out of commission for a few days with an injured neck). We hope to go over to the storage units this weekend and clear them out and be done with it. I’d love to get all non-garage stuff into the house in vaguely the right rooms, so we can get the garage set up. Whether this happens or not, we’ll see. Of course, that means that all I might be willing to show you will be pictures of the outside of the house.

I’m having serious difficulties picking out paint colors. This is what happens when I stray from my trusted favorites.

The cats have adjusted well to the new house (after the first 24 hours, they were back to normal). I can’t decide if I want to bring more boxes in tonight, or if I want to tackle the kitchen (as wonderful as it was that got everything put away for us, it’s all in the wrong spots, and driving me cra-zy!). Or, you know, veg on the couch, because we’ve been working nonstop since last Friday.

I do promise, however, to take some pictures over the weekend of the house. I definitely want to have some “before” shots, since we have some short-term and long-term projects in mind and it would be nice to be able to compare. (Really, we have years worth of projects for this house. And it’s totally and completely livable right now, which is awesome. We looked at some other houses that needed some love, but we wouldn’t be able to live in them right away, and on our short time frame, that was a problem.)

I hear that is done with clinicals today, which means that after she recovers (lots and lots of sleep), maybe I can see her? We’re still working on getting the house toddler-proof so that can come see it (and bring the boys). will be stopping by on Sunday to see what progress we’ve made in a week, which may or may not look like anything (actually, I’m picking her up from the airport on Sunday, so she’s not exactly “stopping by,” but that’s just semantics).