Bookmarks of late

Some things I’ve bookmarked recently:

  • Fat Quarter Shop [link removed] – This quilt pattern reminds me of a certain girl whose name starts with A….
  • Hambone and Jennicakes » Blog Archive » Burninating the countryside [link removed] – Embroidery with Prince Charming in mind
  • How cost-effective is it to make pantry staples from scratch? – By Jennifer Reese – Slate Magazine [link removed] – Very interesting article for those concerned with both money and good food, and who aren’t afraid of spending a little time in the kitchen.
  • Girl Friday: Happy Your Mom Joke Day [link removed] – Bummer that we all missed this!
  • MinnPost – Debate in Legislature: Do the state’s requirements produce the best teachers? [link removed] – Um… this is a bad idea (not requiring teaching certificates). On a personal note, I’ve been taking classes for the last… three years, and have another three to go, before I’ll get my certificate/licensure, and I will honestly tell you that I am completely not ready for classroom teaching. Not in the slightest. And I already have a bachelor’s degree in a related field that resulted in my doing a lot of teaching.Secondly, one of the arguments for this insanity is that there were about 50 shortages in Minnesota last year. [Only] 50. Shouldn’t there be a better way to deal with that shortage than stopping a requirement for licensure? I mean, yes, kids need their math and science teachers, and I’m all for that. But what if we put a little money out there to help people get education to become teachers, or looked into teacher retention in those fields, or… any number of other options other than no longer requiring education to become an educator.What will they come up with next?
  • PBS Brings Bugs, Presidents and Soufflés to the Web – Bits Blog – [link removed] – This is awesome. I haven’t had time to check it out yet, but it looks really good. Their old site was nice, but being able to browse everything in one place? Always better. Found via Lifehacker.

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    1. I’ll try to keep that in mind, you know, for the next gift-giving opportunity… in December. Unfortunately, my gift idea list for you is always quite long.

      Do you quilt?

  1. oh, and I am SOOOO making my own yogurt this week. i found some great (and cheap) strawberry “butter” (like apple butter, it contains no actual butter) that will work fabulously for flavoring.

    1. So much fun! My mom makes yogurt sometimes, but I have never tried it. Glad to hear you’re alive and not completely shut off from the world!

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