Things I learned this weekend

Did you know that there are, like, options when shopping for toilets, beyond the plastic versus porcelain or white versus ivory ones? (Sidenote: I do not envy whoever it is who ends up carrying the new toilet, whatever we end up picking out, down to the basement, because those things are hea-vy.) I thought the options for kitchen faucets were difficult, and at least I cared about those (brushed nickel, yes; removable sprayer, yes; not ugly, yes).

Did you know that there are approximately two quadrillion ugly rugs in this world, and only three that are cute, only one or two of which will fit (either size-wise or color-wise) in the room you’re trying to decorate. One should definitely not go searching for rugs on the internet, because that just increases the number of available rug options. It is juch easier to decide to not buy a rug.

Did you know that it’s possible to spend several hours watching television on the last weekend of the semester, while achieving a 4.0 GPA and with an upcoming move in 5 days? It totally is.

Did you know that it’s easier to live with only half a dozen things in your kitchen cabinets? It’s so easy to find what you want (provided it’s in there). Also, it’s completely possible to live without spices for weeks on end (though it should be noted that cookies will not be baked until spices have been unpacked). And, you should never keep a cucumber past it’s time, because those things are beyond gross when they get moldy. Thawed frozen shrimp, however, totally fine (not edible, mind you, but not stinky or icky).

Did you know that if you have a box in your house, it must be sat upon by any nearby cat? Any box. Every box. The taller, the better, though occasionally, just to mess with us, they’ll choose the shorter of the two stacks to sit on. What else qualifies as a “box”? The luggage, which is now covered in cat hair.

And, just a word of advice, you should be very, very cautious when considering ordering a part from Sears Parts Direct. If you need that part (say, for instance, the repair kit for the washing machine) soon (and hence pay exorbidant rates for express shipping), and their system eats part of your shipping address (like removing the suite number from your office building that guarantees the shipper will not deliver it), you are SOL. Hopefully you don’t need that part soon (like, for instance, by Friday when you sell the house). According to customer service, the shipper has time to care about that one package and will look up the sender in the system, give them a call, find the correction to the address, and then deliver it. Right. (And yes, you did read that right. Our washing machine partially broke, six days before the closing on our house. Of course it did.)