It’s sooooo not worth complaining about

Friday’s doctor visit went well. Have I mentioned how much I love my new doctor? I might keep going to her after we move. She took a quick look in my ears, up my nose, and at my throat, and determined that I did not have a sinus or ear infection. The diagnosis? Allergies. Woo-hoo. One prescription for generic Flo-Nase, two days, and I’m back to normal. This is me officially reporting that nasal allergies have nothing on skin allergies. You know, the skin allergies that took a week of patch testing to diagnose and even then it’s tricky buying lotion and soap because they didn’t find all the allergies, the skin allergies that make scented soaps and perfumes impossible, buying sunscreen beyond difficult, and tanning? forget about it. Also forget about shaving with anything other than a plain-bladed razor and the most gentle soap you can find.

Today I am breathing freely, the congestion in my throat is gone, and there is no more plugging in my ears, which is good, because that was driving me a little crazy (it was especially bad Saturday on the ride to the funeral and afterwards at the reception – I was feeling very sympathetic for anyone with hearing issues or who has to wear a hearing aid, because man, just not fun, having your hearing messed with). But so much less crazy than constantly itching.

Saturday, we went out and bought fun things, like a new garbage disposal, a kitchen faucet, a water filtration system, and gummy bears. It was fun until we dropped them off at storage and recognized that we wouldn’t be able to install any of them right now. Bummer. (Well, not the gummy bears. Those came home.) It was, however, exhausting. We also looked at rugs, the toilet and water softeners. And kept all our receipts.

Another chunk of our kitchen is packed up and wiped down, and the shelving units were partly disassembled for transportation. ERIC patched holes in the walls yesterday, so tonight he’ll sand them down and I’ll patch-paint. And then vacuum, because our carpeting is starting to look bad. I want there to be as little cleaning as possible done on Friday.

I also, finally, edited my last paper and printed it out, so I’m officially done with homework. I just have to go to class this week, and I’m done. The last grade for my online class was posted, and I got a 97% in the class, which I’m proud of because that class stressed me out a great deal, and I was annoyed by the professor (which is a rather easy thing, considering you never meet in real life and your only interactions are via email or discussion board messages).

It seems a little strange that we’re moving on Friday (though it cannot get here fast enough! this has been the slowest three weeks ever, and you would have thought it would fly by), especially since we’ve had ridiculous quantities of free time. There were many, many hours of playing video games or sitting on the couch watching TV. I finished the embroidery piece I was working on and started another. I also started the second panel of the baby blanket I’m knitting, and finally frogged the ABC one that I’d give up on. If the kitchen wasn’t packed, I would have made cookies or something. It’s just crazy. But, when you consider that we’ve been packing up since last July, it makes more sense.

Hopefully this week will fly by. 5 days!