I would like to announce that today, I have graduated to a second bottle of water (“bottle” meaning aluminum canister that I got from last week, or BPA-free plastic bottle I’ve been toting around for the last few months). I know, this is monumental. I’ve surpassed the 13 ounces of water in my original plastic bottle and require a second. A key in this is that I have a second bottle, because the water here at work, which is “filtered” (which may just mean moved via a tube from the tap to the dispenser) tastes awful. And I’m not a huge fan of water anyway, so drinking bad water is just… not happening.

I thought you’d like to know.

Also, I should note that these developments (consuming the first bottle, and now graduating to the second) mean that I take a lot more breaks during the day at work, if you know what I mean. Sorry if that’s TMI, but I’ve been reading the back archives of Dooce, and she talks about bodily functions all the time, and it’s wearing off on me.