I think it’s cruel to make people come into work when it’s so beautiful outside.

But, nonetheless, I’m here. Early, in fact, because I drove to work so that I could leave a bit early for a doctor’s appointment. The previously-mentioned sinus and ear condition got worse yesterday, to the point that I was going a bit crazy, swallowing all the time to try to get my ears unplugged, to no avail. Thank goodness for online appointment scheduling! At some point in the middle of the night, I woke up swallowing hard enough to clear my ears finally, but it settled in my throat then, where it still resides. Plus, my ears have plugged back up somewhat. Clearly there’s an alien living in my head, and there’s just not room for him/her in there, what with all the crazy taking up space too.

Last night in class I sat through two and a half hours of what were pretty bad presentations. Only a precursor to what I can expect as a middle school teacher, right? (I mean, if this is what 20-40 year olds do in college, what kind of standards can I possibly expect out of 12 year olds?)

When I got home from class, I saw that had taken all the boxes we packed Wednesday night over to storage, which was awesome. I have plans for more packing this weekend (not that there’s much to do, but some furniture can now be taken apart). Part of Saturday will be spent with ‘s family at the visitation and memorial service (perhaps it’s a funeral – what exactly do those words mean? is it a funeral because there’ll be a casket? is it just semantics?) for his great grandma. He gets to dress up in a suit, because all the great grandsons were asked to be pallbearers, though we don’t know if that’s literal or figurative. Guess we’ll see.

I also talked to last night and heard a cute story (perhaps only cute to aunts and moms, but maybe you’ll find it cute too). Today is going on a weekend trip with the youth group, and they’re taking a school bus. Well, just loves school buses. Every time they drive by one, he says “ool bus, ool bus!” So, today they’re going to see off, and is going to get to go on the school bus. Can’t you just picture his 2 year old face at the awesomeness of that? I also learned that has acid reflux – sad state of affairs, for being only 5 weeks old. 🙁 Apparently, though, there’s liquid Prilosec, so he should be feeling better in a few days.

Not sure what work holds today… I’ve got more coding to work on for the name change, but part of my hand has been cramping up from all the repetitive typing, so I’m trying to avoid doing too much of it at a time. (If you must know, it’s my right hand pinky finger and the attached muscle that runs down my palm, from using the arrow keys so much.) There are other projects to work on, so I should stay busy with something.