Short and sweet today.

I’m thankful for…

… feeling appreciated at my job.

… donuts. (Free donuts!)

… sunrise and sunset times expanding the daylight hours.

… a gorgeous mini quilt received in the mail yesterday from Colleen (sorry, no photos, but she’s got some on her photostream if you want to see it).

… peace finally for ‘s great-grandmother, who passed away yesterday. At 94 years old, the only thing she regretted not doing was getting a massage. She lived life to its fullest, and now gets to be with her husband again.

… U-Haul boxes specially designed for glasses.

… the last paper of the semester being mostly done (it’s written, but it needs some editing before turning it in next Wednesday).

… the awesome weather we’ve been having here lately, and predictions of good weather for moving day.

… no more worrying about homework for four months!

… a tentative contract agreement that doesn’t include pay cuts or mandatory furloughs (just wage freezes and rising health care costs).

… a husband who patiently puts up with my insanity and keeps me calm.