Deep Sighs

Only figuratively, of course. I’ve had a stuffed nose (minor) for… weeks? months? I’ve lost track. A new symptom showed up a few days ago, though – my left ear is kinda stopped. And yes, I have tried swallowing. Doesn’t work. WebMD seems to think I might have sinusitis, but you know what, I don’t really feel like dealing with a doctor right now, so I’m going to chalk it all up to allergies.

But, on the figurative side, things are going swimmingly. I wrote my second paper last night, so and I went for a walk. Tonight I’ll get that last one done, and then next Tuesday or Wednesday I might take 15 minutes to study for the quiz on Thursday. The paper I turned in for my online class has been graded and returned, and unless I get 5/25 points on the last discussion (which is highly unlikely), I have an A in that class. We’re on track with packing, have reserved a moving van, and have both closings scheduled (though the second one is only tentative).

Last night when we got back from our walk, I decided to sew the zipper into that dress I’d been making. Well, that did not go well, but finally, after a lot of pain, it is in, beautifully. And I’ve decided I just don’t like the dress and will just take it apart, salvage whatever fabric I can, and move on. Best to decide this before hemming, right? Bummer.

It’s Administrative Professional’s Day, so I have a gorgeous gift from sitting here. She got these awesome Thermos Brand coolers that look like purses (but are lunch bags! and huge!) and filled them with a new water bottle, some chocolates, and flowers. I feel very appreciated. I also got a bar of chocolate from another co-worker, and a note of thanks from a third. Tomorrow there’s a party too, so it’s just all sorts of fun over here. (Well, aside from the hours and hours of tedious coding I’ve been fixing as a result of our name change. That is no fun. And my hand hurts.)

9 days to the new house! 8 days to the end of the semester!