2 weeks

Here’s what I’ve got going down:

  • 3 papers (1 for each class)
  • 1 quiz
  • 15 minutes of reading
  • finish quilting of the Mini Quilt Log Cabin, and bind
  • pick out paint colors to match our quilt
  • pack
  • go shopping for a washer/dryer

I had forgotten that the last two weeks of this semester had almost no homework until I looked at my calendar this week. Just a smidge of reading and the papers, one of which is only a page long reflection. That definitely makes it a lot easier. Unfortunately, we were supposed to have a library visit next week in my Wednesday class, which I was going to skip (because I got nothing out of the last one, and I have perfect attendance otherwise), but he changed his mind and is making us come to class and give presentations (not for a grade, mind you, which might be even more annoying). I was going to use the evening to write the paper, but now it has to be worked on this weekend (because we’re supposed to be presenting our thoughts on the paper, asking questions, working through our thoughts, whatever). Oh well.

I am so excited for May. No more homework for almost 4 months!

Notice how I went a whole post there not specifically talking about the new house? 🙂