Today, I’m thankful for…

… a new house that will soon be ours.

… all the family and friends who have offered their help in the moving process.

… an awesome Realtor and all his great connections, who are hard at work making this happen in record time.

… a husband who had the forsight seven years ago in his youth to buy a house and always be responsible with his money (whereas I am a work in progress on that issue).

… daylight as I leave for work in the morning (finally!).

… two weeks of class left after tonight.

… Coborn’s, so that I don’t have to go grocery shopping, because I so don’t need that in my life.

… good humor all across the internet.

… all the people who share their lives (their humor, their crafts, their thoughts, their families) via the internet.

… a day off from answering phones.

… a full house last Sunday, with family and friends and laughter and good food.

… Behr’s online Color Smart program, which lets me play with paint colors and dream.

… life. It’s good, no?

And you?