The ways in which I have restrained my behavior today include:

  • only looking at the same 10 photos of our new house several times today (instead of several dozen), and only watching the 360* tour once.
  • not having every conversation steer towards the topic of the new house.
  • not dwelling on the inspection that is taking place right now and worrying that something will go horribly wrong. (This Old House has a section on their website about things that go horribly wrong at inspections [link removed], and it’s just the wrong time to read that stuff. However, if you’re not in the process of purchasing a house, go ahead, because it’s darn funny.)
  • not doing a little dance every time I think about the afore-mentioned house.
  • only playing around with Behr’s Color Smart [link removed] toy for a little while.

See how good I’ve been?

3 Replies to “Restraint”

  1. But thanks, those pictures are really entertaining. At my inspection, they found an old leak that had been fixed (which I chose to ignore) and 3 or 4 outlets that were improperly wired. We asked the seller to re-wire them as one of the conditions. At my parents most recent inspection, they found Radon in the basement and the sellers dropped their price. My parents used the difference to pay for a Radon venting system. No kiddie pools in the roof at either one.

    1. Everything went fine with the inspection, as suspected. There are some things we need the seller to fix, and a long list of things to put on our list of things to fix with the house, but it’s pretty typical and to be expected of a 50 year old house (that hasn’t been lived in for the past year).

      This Old Home might become my new favorite website….

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