Getting What You Want

How often is it, really, that you get what you want in life? I feel like much more often, life is about “doing what needs to be done” or “being content with what I can have.” Grown-up life, that is. You know, when you realize that life isn’t like the Barbie Dream House and that you might have to settle for certain things in life.

That’s not to say that life is unenjoyable. It certainly is. Yes, I spend a great deal of my time “doing what needs to be done” like working and homework and cleaning, but those aren’t “necessary evils,” but choices that I make. And, for the most part, I enjoy bits and pieces of those activites. And while I’d love a brand new hybrid car that’s sporty and cool, I’m perfectly content with the [free] Focus that I have (though I just tolerate the color).

You may feel differently about things, but that’s my general perspective on life.

But today is special. Today is a day where I can say that I really got what I wanted. From our Realtor this morning:

Congratulations! The house is yours, should you choose to accept it. I just got it confirmed from the sellers’ agent. The other buyers had nothing, so didn’t put up a fight.

(He’s a funny guy, isn’t he. “Should you choose to accept it.”) And we are so happy right now. Sure, there’s lots of not-fun stuff associated with this (like packing and moving and deciding what projects to work on and disagreeing how to arrange the furniture…), but the awesomeness of getting what we wanted totally overshadows all that.

Other happy thoughts:

From Easter, here’s demanding that read to him. On the stairs (which were the most fun toy ever, apparently).

Stairs are for reading, don'tcha know

Also from Easter, sleeping on my shoulder, of which he did a lot.

What newborns do best

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