Don’t worry, Korben kept us safe

Mid-day on Sunday, a bunny came to hang out in the shade of a bush approximately two feet from our house (and the sliding glass door). I declared it the Easter bunny, of course, and took pictures (the only pictures, in fact, that I took on Easter, and I’ve left them at home). was very interested in the bunny, who stayed for probably four hours until the sun had shifted and his shade spot disappeared. Later, put out some peanuts for the neighborhood squirrel, and kept us safe from him as well. And leaves. The birds, of course, are not a danger to us – they’re just yummy.

Everyone came over to our house for Easter dinner, which was awesome. I made Jen’s Crock Pot Roast Beef, which got rave reviews, as always, and some veggies. Everyone else provided the other stuff, and it was all delicious. Aside from my family, we also had ‘s dad, , and as a last-minute surprise, . It made for a very full house, but a lot of fun. and the baby helped a lot, always providing entertainment.

It was probably one of the best Easters I’ve had in a really long time, and it’s only a little bit strange to me that it didn’t involve any church-going. Part of me felt obligated to find somewhere to attend, but a larger part of me didn’t really want to partake in something that felt fake and overly cheery (not to blame any church on that one, more that my heart wouldn’t have really been in that cheery place, so I would have felt fake). We didn’t get to sleep in, since the roast had to be taken care of at 7:30, but that’s OK. We got the house immaculate (for the allergy sufferers, and also because it was really quite dirty), and then vegged for hours.

We spent a chunk of Friday night packing boxes, as well as about an hour last night (our kitchen is getting empty…). I feel compelled to spend spare time packing up anything I can live without, since May 1 is rapidly approaching. We have received many generous offers to help us pack, for which I am grateful. I’m hoping to not have to use them (and instead, call in those favors for helping move the boxes, hopefully just the one weekend), but I know that I don’t have to freak out about “nothing is packed yet” if that time comes. Always good to have options.

And now, I’m just waiting for an email from our Realtor about what to do next. We’re also waiting for Wednesday morning, when the house will be mostly ours (excepting paperwork and transfer of monies). Could not come fast enough, if you ask me.