Not an update

This is not an update on the house situation, because there is no update. We are still being patient (kind of) and waiting (no choice about that). It takes a lot of energy not to pester our Realtor with emails and phone calls every 5 minutes trying to find out what’s going on.

The funny thing about this particular house is, I really, really want it. Like, I don’t remember wanting a materialistic good this much in a long time. Sure, there’s been lots of stuff I wanted, but not wanted. Does that make sense? I feel like a kid the weeks before Christmas, begging his/her parents for that one toy that will make life complete, and if I don’t get it, Christmas is going to be ruined, forever (because kids are that dramatic). Now, I was never one of those kids (I can barely remember any of my Christmas gifts, let alone something that I might have asked for), so maybe this experience is to make up for that.

So, to pass the time, I’ll ask… what was the last thing you wanted so bad it hurt?