Bookmarks of late – the random edition

Some things I’ve bookmarked recently:

  • Lifehacker – Install Tip-Out Trays to Declutter Your Sink Area – Household [link removed] – I’ve been wanting to do this for ages with a little side table I have (that is currently living at my mom’s house). My parents made this change in our kitchen when I was growing up, and it’s pretty awesome.
  • | Contests – Truly one of my favorite local Easter traditions…. the Peeps Dioramas. Enjoy! [link removed]
  • Crafty Planet “saving the world one stitch at a time”: Craftstravaganza! [link removed] – I wish I could go to this, but I think moving is more important. Someone else go for me, OK?
  • Diseases and Conditions Encyclopedia : Discovery Health [link removed] – Some nice, basic information on caffeine.

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