So, we put an offer in for our most favoritest house (yes, it’s a word, and it aptly describes how I feel about that house). And now… we wait. We wait until 6, when the Realtor can talk to the seller. And then we wait to find out if the other offer will back out (contingent upon selling their house, so they have 72 hours to do so, which is not probable in this market). And then we wait for the inspection, and paperwork, and blah blah blah. And, if things fall apart at any point along the way, we get to repeat for our second-choice house. Oh, and there’s just over 3 weeks until closing.

And as we wait, we play that balancing act of dreaming about the house and setting ourselves up for the “what if it doesn’t go through” scenario. It’s a hard line to walk. Last night, after thoroughly inspecting just about every aspect of the house (not the inspection, mind you, just a second showing), we sat in the dining room (of the new house) and wrote out the purchase agreement, which was wonderful to do in that space. It is so lovely, and exciting, and full of possibilities, and gorgeous. And then I get caught up in dreaming… what color should we re-paint the bedroom, what are we going to do about the lack of a closet in the bedroom, where will we put this, when can I garden, and so on. And learning all about the neighborhood via Google Maps, like where the nearest gym is, the ice cream place, churches, parks…. All the while, I’m fully aware that it’s not actually our house yet, and it’s totally possible that it will never be our house. That is a very difficult thought.

To pass the time, and keep my mind off all things house related (which is, arguably, difficult, especially when co-workers keep asking how things are going), I’m doing some really boring coding (html) at work, with small breaks for internet surfing. I need to change those breaks to “work on paper,” since it did not get written last night. I did mention the part where we were out at the new house from 7:30 pm until 10 pm, right? At least the only homework I’m behind on is that paper. I do have about a page of it written (of a 4-5 page paper), and I suspect that this will be one of my less-than-stellar papers (which, yes, will still get an A, because that’s what I do). Do you have any idea how hard it is to find quality research on Minnesota legislative history in the 1960s and 1970s without visiting the Minnesota Law Library? Quite. I thought the Minnesota Human Rights Act would be an easy topic, but… not so much.

It sounds like we’ll get a preliminary idea of what’s going on from the seller tonight after 6, while I’m in class. Lucky for me, I have email access in class, thanks to my handy netbook.

This waiting is no fun, I tell ya.