One dozen

That’s how many houses are on our list to look at tomorrow. Hopefully our Realtor will knock a few off that due to location or something, because when we looked at 7 on Tuesday night, I was beat. After a while, they all blend together. But, a house really shouldn’t be an impulse purchase, so I’ll restrain from my instinct to just vote for the first one we liked and go with that. Because, you know, that would be irresponsible or lacking in foresight or something.

Last night in class, we had a test. No big deal – my grades on the previous two are 10/10 and 9.6/10. But, I did forget to study. It was on my planner for Tuesday night, which was spent hunting, I mean shopping, and Wednesday night I didn’t get home from class until close to 10, and yesterday at work I was busy working on contracts. And then I got to class and some classmates were all, “did you study? are you prepared? did you understand the material?” and I was all, “crap, kinda forgot about that.”

No worry, as usual. I did briefly peruse the three chapters that the test was over (that I had previously read, and that had been discussed in class as well). Nothing better than the feeling of turning in a test and knowing that you aced it. OK, probably lots of things better than that feeling, but it’s up there on the list.

Today I am still working on the afore-mentioned contracts. They are coming together swimmingly, which basically means that I’m using forms and bookmarks and cross-references to make it easier to fill out, but I’ve discovered that in order to make it really sweet, I need to write some macros. Um, I used to know how to write macros in Excel, back when I was 16 (you know, back when we were running Windows 3.1). I have no access to that knowledge anymore – it’s simply gone. And have you tried searching the internet to try to learn about macros? Billions of search results that are postings from forums and are generally less than helpful. Sigh. The rest of the afternoon may be spent seeking out knowledge.

Tonight: a massage. Saturday morning: getting a second storage unit. Saturday afternoon: house-hunting. Saturday night and all of Sunday: homework or packing. I’m already tired. Maybe I’ll sleep in until noon on Sunday. Or at least 9.

3 Replies to “One dozen”

  1. Kelly, you are not allowed to sleep in past 9. You don’t need any other “exciting events” in 2009, do you?

  2. Kelly, a house should absolutely be an impulse purchase. If you’re thinking too much you’re doing it wrong.
    Good luck shopping this weekend,

  3. A – sleeping past 9 still involves waking up at 9, getting out of bed, taking a little red pill, and then crawling back into bed. No babies in 2009! (That could be my motto….)

    L – Thanks! 4 hours shopping yesterday, another few today (our top pick sold yesterday while we were out – boo hoo!)…. I might just not be able to care at a certain point. No, not really. I’m not really interested in having to sell another house. That’s no fun.

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