Your Opinion Wanted

This morning, I celebrated the sale of our house by not making the bed. You know, because I didn’t have to, because we weren’t going to be having a showing. Tomorrow morning, I might celebrate by making the bed by choice. And I know I said I’d celebrate by buying the darling Pyrex bowls that I love so much, but that’s so not happening right now because who wants to buy stuff that’s only going to have to get packed up and moved to the new place? Right, you buy stuff after the move.

At any rate, I am craving something pretty. And pink. In earring form. Only, I can’t make a decision. See over there ( -> ) in the sidebar, where I have my Etsy favorites? I’ve managed to narrow the list down to about 20. That’s right, 20 pairs of pink earrings. Clearly, I don’t need (or even want) that many. I don’t want to know which earrings you’d wear, but which ones you like for me. And then I will buy some. Hopefully. And then no more buying on the internet until mid-May (or something like that). Because there will be lots of boxes to pack. And unpack. And move about. And so forth….

I know I promised a winter wrap-up, and I’m getting to it. I’m trying not to fall asleep at work, though, so it may have to wait.