Those funny M’s

Ah, March in Minnesota, how you amuse me. At the very end of the evening yesterday, the precipitation turned from rain to sleet (reports of hail), and eventually to snow. And it’s still snowing this morning. Not a lot of snow – just a thin blanket on the grass, and no build-up on roads (as of 7 am, that is). Funny, funny stuff. Like Mother Nature’s very own April Fool’s joke.

Last night went incredibly well, and as a result, I feel like I need about 12 more hours of sleep. This has been an exhausting week. The inspection went so well – two incredibly minor things that are already [basically] taken care of. That’s it. House shopping went well too – we found two in particular that we liked (2 1/2 really, but we didn’t actually want to deal with fixing up that third one), and none of them were horrible. Our Realtor enjoyed it too; seems all that he’s been showing lately has been foreclosures, since that’s what people want. More shopping on Saturday.

And that’s it. I didn’t study for my test (it’s tomorrow night, so I still have time to review). I finished my entry for the Needlework Challenge on Craftster, but the camera was out in ‘s car, and I was too lazy to get it, so no pictures yet. Talked to on the phone. Crashed into bed. I think today I will be scheduling a massage for Friday night, if at all possible. Do I have time to get my hair colored, too? Perhaps not, but we’ll see.

You might notice that I’ve changed the countdown in the sidebar ( -> ). Who cares about a countdown to hammock time (which was really the end of the semester) anymore? Now it’s a moving countdown. Just one day difference.

Think I can get a nap in at work today? Yeah, I didn’t think so. It was worth a shot.