Effective immediately, all people deemed “not helpful” will be evicted from further conversation. If your comments make me say something that ends in, “What the h*ll?” that’s probably you.

Truth be told, about 90% of the response from others when I’ve told them that we’ve sold our house and are now house shopping has been incredibly positive. Not only are people excited that anyone’s house sold (because in this day and age, ever single home sale is exciting), but they’re excited for us and this new adventure. But some people feel the need to take a crap right in the middle of the parade route.

And that is seriously not helpful. It makes me frustrated and stressed, which makes me want to consume an ever-increasingly-large quantity of chocolate.

I have totally appreciated all the offers to help pack, move, watch pets, throw housewarming parties, advising on the US postal service change of address etc. (you know who you are). Not that I’ve told all that many people other than co-workers ( doesn’t even know yet, because I haven’t had time to call him, and won’t until Thursday after class). We’re kinda holding our breath until after the results of the inspection, which is taking place this very moment.

Last night was a mess of cleaning, fixing, laundry, and a bit of sewing, all with Angel (season 4) playing in the background. Tonight is house shopping, with a side of studying for a test throw in. Maybe tonight I can get to sleep before midnight. That’d be a treat.