Not how I should be spending my time, but much more pleasant

Yes, I’m quite sure there are better ways to spend my time than drawing up diagrams for quilts that I won’t be able to even think about starting until sometime in June. Whatever. I got the idea in my head and went with it. Mostly because I could, and because there is a small pad of graph paper at my desk.

I present to you, the Disappearing Nine Patch. It’s how I made ‘s potholders. You make a basic nine patch (first image), and then you cut it (gasp!), and rearrange the pieces until it looks pretty (second and third pictures). If you’re actually curious about this, you should look on the internet, or Flickr, because it’s all been done before. At any rate, I figured out that if I did certain squares in white, and certain other squares in a solid, then I could leave other squares to remain whole and showcase those prints. That was a very sloppy way of putting it.

Disappearing Nine Patch Designs

I’ve only a little bit of the crazy today, which is better than I expected. Oh, had I promised baby pictures?

Joey March 2009
Well, far be it from me to keep you from the cuteness that is an 11-day-old baby...

Grant March 2009
or a 2-year-old who has discovered how to make funny faces (he'll hate me for these photos later).