FYI: Posting for the next two months may be completely incoherent

Why, you ask? Well, the most-stated sentence between and myself in the last 12 hours has been, “Honey, we sold our house.”

It was 48 hours of annoyance for our Realtor (slightly fewer hours for us), but when all was said and done, it was… done.

And now begins a madcap dash of packing and looking for a new house, because we’re out on May 1. And we haven’t gone house-hunting since July.

Between the packing and house hunting, there will be homework and class and work, there’s not much time for anything else. Oh, except for Easter dinner, which we’re hosting. You’re laughing now, aren’t you?

In reality, there’s plenty of time for everything to get done (with the exception of our getting a mortgage and buying a new house in time – that’s what family is for, right, to put you up when you’re homeless?). I’ve been having moments of panic, and am trying to keep them under control. I think they’re scaring .

Thankfully, the commitments I have to deal with before the closing are mostly wrapped up or on schedule. There’s Doll Quilt Swap 6, which I only need to quilt and then sew on the binding. (There’s another swap that just started today, and I might have trouble with the deadline for that, but I’ve already talked to my partner about it and let them know what’s up.) I’m caught up on homework, with just readings, three papers, and two tests for the rest of the semester (which ends April 30th). Arrangements for the pets have been made, which has been my biggest concern. I’m totally not concerned about packing. Like, not in the slightest. After the inspection tomorrow, we’ll get a second storage unit and start filling it up. I’ve gotten quite good at packing. (Just need to make sure to keep enough stuff free so we can live out of suitcases for as long as necessary. Oh, and labeling the boxes well, so that when we do move them in, we have a clue.)

See? Tons of thoughts racing through my head. Can’t help it. This might be more stressful to me than planning a wedding (though maybe only because of the much-shorter timeline). Of course, I wasn’t nervous about the wedding at all, so maybe that’s not a good barometer….

At any rate, I’ve rambled on long enough for you to be fully convinced I’m crazy, so I’ll stop. I hope you had a great weekend! I have baby pictures to share later today.