You can thank me later

My Friday gift to you: no memes today.

Oh, and for those who care about this sort of thing, while Diet Barq’s has 0 mg of caffeine, regular Barq’s has 23 mg. Which really sucks. And is probably why I was up until 11:30 finishing The Eyre Affair, which I plan on reviewing in Facebook later. You know, because that’s all I do now. Well, that and homework.

That is all.

3 Replies to “You can thank me later”

  1. Being caffeine free I am well aware of the dangers of assuming root beer will be caffeine free. I have found myself staring at long lists of ingredients to ensure I won’t be finding myself cracked out of my skull and fidgeting around wondering why I feel so strange.


  2. I’m not completely caffeine free (because I still eat chocolate, sometimes large quantities of it, and there are great debates as to how much caffeine is in that), but needless to say the 23 mg in Barq’s was enough.

    And because everyone always asks me why I gave up caffeine (usually after I’ve whined about not being able to get what I really want at Starbucks), I’ll state again that caffeine is an inflammatory, and my tendinitis and allergies are both, essentially, inflammations. Both are under control without caffeine in my life. I would (and have) chose to never drink coffee again over daily itchy legs. Because that latter one is much more hellish.

    Seriously. I wish skin allergies on no one.

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