A Summary of my Day

(Can it be a summary at slightly past noon? I have been awake for nearly 7 hours….)

I spent the first hour and a half of the work day removing two labels from the fronts of filing cabinets. Yes, 2. If it makes you feel better about your tax dollars, I was multi-tasking as I allowed the Goo Gone to soak in, repeatedly, to the very stuck-on labels. But, now all last vestiges of that task I used to do but have been relieved of are gone from my cube. A co-worker suggested using a credit card to scrape (I had been using my fingernails, which was not fun, but didn’t want to mar the paint with a letter opener, the only scraping-type device I had), which made the second one a whole lot better. I had originally planned to remove/replace a whole bunch more in the office (it’s clean-up day), but have since thought better of it.

I have a headache. Again. Don’t know why. I am hydrated, I ate my lunch (early!), I had breakfast…. I am unamused.

One of the cookbooks we bought recently (which I think I blogged about, but my headache is preventing me from caring enough to look it up) has resulted in my bringing a lunch to work that’s more than yogurt and an apple. Wednesday and today I had a pasta salad, which was so easy and yet quite delicious, and aided by the fact that I have a large bowl here at work to eat from.

Yesterday, I brought a sandwich, and I was quite anxious about that. You see, I strongly dislike “lunchbox” sandwiches. Really, most sandwiches. If it’s on a hoagie roll, toasted, melted, or something else strange has been done to it, I’m totally cool with it. But a straight sandwich? Ick. (This makes quite sad, because he loves sandwiches in almost every form.) Nevertheless, I attempted a sandwich yesterday. It was a lot of work to create a sandwich (and situation) that I’d eat at work, but the recipe came from the cookbook. I put the bread in a sealed container (buttered, or, rather, margarine-d). Then I made up the filling, which was frozen, cooked shrimp and mayonnaise, basically, and put that in a separate container. I cut some cucumber slices and put those on top of the shrimp mix, because I didn’t think they’d interfere with each other. And lastly I put some lettuce in yet another bag. I know, I know, I’m slightly crazy. But really, assembly helped me get on board with this while at work (because while I was kind of excited about the sandwich the night before, I never feel that way when lunchtime actually rolls around). Plus, all the separate containers meant my bread was in no way soggy (because, again, ick). All in all, actually quite delicious. I had a hard time wrapping my head around eating a sandwich, and there was quite a mental block, but in the end it was good. Plus, the bread that I had (Brownberry Whole Wheat, which was on sale this week) was delicious. Fabulous. Wonderful. Can’t say enough good things about the taste of this bread. ( disagrees, and thinks the taste is too strong, but maybe that’s because he actually likes the taste of what’s in his sandwich, and the taste of mayonnaise, and I’m kinda iffy on both of those things.)

I was going to bring in cupcakes to work today, for clean-up day ( had suggested in an email that “some of our baking co-workers might bring stuff in,” so I took that as a hint from her that I should make cookies), but forgot until 10:30 last night. A whole bunch of people are out today because of a conference, so I don’t feel too bad. I’ll make them Sunday and bring them in. I’m a little bummed, because I really had a hankering for yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Doesn’t that sound yum?

I promise to do a wrap-up of my spring goals early next week. I was kinda counting on “spring” lasting through the end of March (hey, it’s still snowing here, so I think that’s fair), so I didn’t really think about it until now.

The morning should have been spent writing my third paper (still waiting for that important project to appear on my desk), but instead I spent it reading some new blogs I found (half a dozen this week, after a several-month drought of no new inspiring blogs), and discovering the joy of a setting in Google Reader that let’s me go through my feed without going to the reader. What I mean to say is that I get to view each entry that comes through the reader on its original website, which is fabulous. The only thing I didn’t like about switching to a feed reader (versus just looking up all the sites I want to read daily) was that I lost the ability to tell the difference between certain authors/sites, because they all look the same. Now, that’s all changed. If you use Google Reader and aren’t familiar with this option (because I hadn’t heard about it until today), it’s under Settings, and it’s just a little “Next” bookmarklet that you add to your toolbar. It is beyond awesome. It’s making me quite happy.

What else is making me happy? The two people ( and a classmate) who, just today, joined my little band on Robin Hood, which is a very addicting game on Facebook. (It’s kinda like Mafia Wars, but it’s not blocked at work.) This got me over the threshhold needed to do certain quests (minimum 3), and now I’m just rocking it. Mind you, I’m currently at level 15, and the quests for that level require me to have more like 8 or 13 members, but whatever. You should join my band too. It requires absolutely no work on your part, except to click the little link in my status update. Then you can promptly ignore the application forever-after. Seriously.

Good enough for now? I think so. I’m off to find Advil….

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