It’s been hard to be thankful lately – I’ve mostly been stressed with schoolwork. But, let’s set that all aside for a moment.

Today, I’m thankful for…

… new babies to snuggle (‘s due right now, and I’m sure there’ll be a new little one shortly).

… clean drinking water.

… the large quantity of chocolate bought for me Tuesday night as I was stressing over computer programs and papers.

… two papers written so far this week!

… digital cameras, so I can be surrounded by photos.

… the delicious wheat bread (Brownberry)  I had today in my sandwich. Yum! (Now I’m craving a BLT, because those are awesome on whole wheat toast.)

… not having much to do tomorrow at work for the designated “Cleaning Day,” because my cube and files (paper and electronic) are all in order.

… that last night’s showing was a third showing. Now they just need to put their money where there mouth is, so to speak.

web comics and LOLcats and, when all else fails, CuteOverload.

… frozen, cooked, peeled shrimp.

… it’s officially Spring!

… the color pink. Also, the colors turquoise, orange, and yellow, because they make me happy.

… the fact that my eyesight has not deteriorated according to my most recent check-up. Vision is good.

… no skin allergy breakouts in over a month!

… an extra week granted to work on the Craftster Needlwork Challenge.

… lots of daylight hours.

… jeans and free pizza tomorrow.

… cash in my wallet.

… my iPod.

… lulls at work that allow me to get some homework done.

… Flickr, Google Reader, TasteSpotting, and other websites that make the internet both worthwhile and interesting.

… every day, the countdown to hammock time gets closer.

And you?