Why already having a college degree rocks

Because Metro State transferred in all of my classes from my undergrad degree, I technically count as a “graduate student” (even though I’m in a post-baccalaureate program, not a graduate program), which means I get to register first. Awe.some.

So, the last class of my non-education classes is finally being offered (haven’t seen it on the course schedule at all in the last two years) this fall. And I’m registered. Because registration opened Monday.  In case you were wondering, it’s an Ethnic Studies course on Contemporary Native Americans.

Also, I just looked it up and the deadline to apply to the program (which I need to do because there aren’t any other classes I can take until I do) is August 1st (for the fall semester). I can totally do that. I need 15 more volunteer hours, 2 letters of recommendation, to meet with an academic advisor (I have major complaints about this, but I’ll spare you), and $20.

And after that, it’s just 36 credits spread out over 12 classes, which includes student teaching. The light at the end of the tunnel might not be visible yet, but… there is an end, that I’m sure of. This is the point in the semester when I most need to be reminded of this.

And, FYI, my GPA is still 4.0. The only class I’m worried about is my online one, because we have an 8-10 page paper due this week that makes up the majority of our grade, and mine isn’t written yet. It’s due Friday. I’m having motivation issues.