Mini Quilt in a Bag 2

Now that I know my partner has received her quilt, I can show it to you (it’s now living all the way in Alaska!). For this second round of the MQIAB, we sent our partners a charm pack (a set of 5″ squares) and were instructed that we had to use each print somewhere. In a quilt that’s a maximum of 25″ square, that’s pretty hard. I love what I came up with, though. My math totally wasn’t right (I’ve since learned how to calculate the no-waste triangle squares correctly – thanks, Craftster), but it wasn’t important. So, now I present to you, Pinwheels!

The front

The back
Shown here with a thread bobbin for scale (the whole thing is somewhere around 15" square, though I didn't measure it at the end).

Lovely, no? I’m totally in love with it, and my partner is quite happy too. Soon I’ll get to share pictures of what she made for me, but she’s still at work on it. No rush – it will be perfect and loved when it gets here.