Do you miss me? I miss you

My mind just hasn’t been on blogging lately. When I’m not thinking of ways to play with fabric, I’m writing papers, or reading research for said papers. The 8-10 page paper on AIDS, sub-Saharan Africa, foreign relations, and responsibility is due Friday. And I’m not done. Haven’t actually started writing. I think my research is mostly done. The paper that is due Wednesday night, however, is done, thankfully. That one was on the ideas of agency and power in relation to Native American history. There are two more in the coming two weeks, one on a diagram of globalization or something, and one on a political issue of my choice (I chose the Minnesota Human Rights Act, but am re-thinking since information has been hard to find). I think those two are between 3-5 pages each, but I could be wrong.

So tonight I need to put my nose to the proverbial grindstone and crank out 8-10 pages on AIDS. Cheery, no? I can’t seem to find my mojo for this paper, which is unfortunate, since it is imminently due, and a large percentage of my grade in that class (the online one, which I am not enjoying, not learning from, and am trying very hard not to complain about the professor but not doing too good a job). What does my sidebar say? How many days until hammock time? Not soon enough.

In other news, everyone in the internet world is starting to celebrate Spring (oh, those lucky people who live in Zone 5 or higher), and I am getting jealous. First of all, Minnesota is Zone 4*, which means no planting until after the danger of frost has past (translation: Memorial Day, or the very end of May). Secondly, we still don’t own a backyard, or any piece of grass in which to plant things. I would love to be planting seeds indoors right now with the hopes of moving them outside at some point, but 1) I don’t have the space indoors for such a messy and sun-reliant project, and 2) I have no guarantee that there will be in-ground gardening early enough in the season for it to be worth it (because it is such a short season). So every time I see someone posting about seeds, sprouting, flowers, etc, I get grumpy. It’s not good, I tell you.

People keep coming to look at the house. Some have been interested, but no one interested enough.

OK, enough whining. Back to work for a bit before going to the eye doctor. I’m hoping I’m not blind. Can’t be disappointed with expectations like that, right? (I mean, I’m pretty sure I’d know if I was blind. Typing on the blog would be, um, difficult at best. Certainly not impossible, because I’m familiar with all the assitive technology out there, and I’m a darn good typer, but still, difficult.)

*Herein lies the problem with having grown up in Zone 5 (aka the Chicago suburbs), where Spring starts much earlier and planting season is just around the corner. It lasts longer too. If I was only familiar with Zone 5, I don’t think I’d feel as cheated by nature. Moral of the story: only move South, towards more temperate climates.