More on Spring Break

I’m waiting for the mini quilt I completed over Spring Break to arrive at its new home (in Alaska!) before sharing pictures of it, so instead I’ll share these very random crafty pictures.

While at JoAnn’s, I saw this on sale and couldn’t resist:

There's a matching one for bobbins that I didn't purchase. I can't wait for a new house so I can hang this on the wall. In the meantime, it sits alternately on the desk with my sewing machine or on the bed.

Related, there’s this:

If you look closely, you can see that what's pictured there is a white spool of Guterman thread (my machine likes it a lot). The 1000 meter spool, to be exact.

About 1/4th of the way through the last mini-quilt, I ran out of white thread. Again. It was too late and I was too tired to drive all the way to JoAnn, so I had to stop for the night. But, I had a coupon for 40% off any notion, so guess what I bought soon thereafter? I had previously thought that buying the 500 meter spool was a big deal. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be running out of white any time soon. (Bobbins, on the other hand…. And any other colors…)

I’ve been admiring all the pictures of Japanese sewing books on Etsy lately, and have had half a dozen favorited for quite some time.

I finally splurged and bought one.

The pictures of the projects are cute, and the entire book is in Japanese, with the exception of a few numbers, and the title on the cover: “One Day Sewing.” The instructions are drawn on the pages after each photo spread, and before I got to the end of the book I thought I was in trouble. But then I found the pattern pieces, and realized everything would be OK. Definitely not something for beginners to tackle, but I think if I take it really slow and think about every step, I might be able to make something from this book. I’m aiming for the dress on the cover (pictured above). Thoughts on color?

While I wait for my miniquilt to arrive from Alaska, I have these miniquilts finally on display in our spare bedroom.

On the wall, the Christmas Star Wallhanging from my Beginning Quilting class last fall.

On the doors to the cabinet where I keep my fabric, the two mini quilts I've received in swaps.

Cute, no? It took me a long time to figure out the best way to hang them (without putting additional holes in our walls), but I think I came up with a good solution (though the application was slightly wonky, but that’s OK) involving 3M products and some thread.

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  1. Great minds think alike. I, too, own the thread holder. I’m considering decoration ideas that include it on the wall next to my craft armoire.

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